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Our Team

We’re a group of Arab women who started, an online shopping and lifestyle destination for modern Middle Eastern women.

We represent a wide range of women belonging to many age groups. All of us are well-endowed to understand Arab women’s daily needs and desires.

We’ve always had it in us, but today, Arab women are some of the most rapidly evolving in their societies.

Our team is equipped to hear out and fulfill your demands from the global market. And we’re also excited to showcase your own creativity. We know that, if given the right tools, you are capable of creating unique concepts that other women will love.

More important than understanding your needs and desires, we understand your aspirations, obstacles, and potential.

We, just like you, are striving to excel in our fields. Just like you, we want to keep climbing higher. We’re hungry for knowledge and our eyes are always open so that we can share with you. We love hearing women’s stories and we want to share those stories with you. Our goal is to draw a smile on your face and help you take a step forward towards your goals.