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Our Values

We are:

1. Caring

We believe in the potential of women in the region and their entrepreneurial mindsets. For that reason, one of our main goals is to help female entrepreneurs. A truly successful business benefits the community it is part of. That’s why we will always strive to better our community.


2. Convenient

We understand that women in this region have busier lifestyles. We make it easier for women in the region to get the products their interested in and to sell their own products on one unique platform. We want to make women’s lives easier, more enjoyable, and convenient. We do this well because we understand women’s needs.



KOOOT is a brand made up of humans who talk and behave like humans. We don’t just push products on women. We provide them with recommendations and expert advice. KOOOT is also built as a platform that makes it easy for the community to air their opinions and views. Our space fosters bilingual dialogues of interest to all women in our region.